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IUD/IUS Insertions, Birth Control, Cervical Cancer Screening and Prenatal Care

Dr. Lopita Banerjee

Dr. Connie Chen

Dr. Bridget Mills

We are pleased to offer timely referrals for low risk obstetrical patients, birth control, IUD/IUS insertions, cervical cancer screening (Pap tests) and menopause management.

We have specially trained family physicians with an interest in women’s health and who have been providing IUD/IUS insertions in other clinics.Now, we bring the Women’s Health Centre to you to bring this much needed service to our community.

Services: Prenatal Care, Menopause Clinic, Cervical Cancer Screening, Low-Risk Obstetrics

Some of our members are part of the Primary Care Obstetrics Group at Brampton Civic Hospital, and provide prenatal care.

You will be provided with a consult note and your patients will be returned to your care.

comprehensive care/accessible/experienced

Created by female family physicians with a specialization in women’s health, The Women’s Health Centre is pleased to provide IUD/IUS insertions for our community. The physicians working at the Women’s Health Clinic will provide consultation, insertion, and brief follow up for IUD/IUS insertions.

Consultation details:

We are happy to review and provide counselling around birth control options.IF you have had the conversation with your patient already, please provide your patient with a prescription for IUD/IUS and advise them to bring it along to their appointment.Please fill out the attached referral form.

Post Partum Patients-insertion timing is usually 6 weeks after delivery.

Menorrhagia – must have pelvic ultrasound done within six months of insertion, and may have an endometrial biopsy done if over age 40 years and indicated.

We offer 2-4 clinics a month.